Massage Therapy is a multi-layered approach to maintaining balance in both physical and emotional health. It allows you to enjoy life’s activities with more ease and relief from stress-related tension and specific injury alike. It can be relaxing, restorative, corrective, connective and rehabilitative. It can calm the mind, ease the body, provide relief, bring awareness and promote healing; whatever you need the most on any given day.

The above elements are brought into every massage therapy session by employing specific modalities and techniques tailored to your individual and unique needs. There is no set or defined recipe for a massage treatment however below are some specific treatment focuses that meet specific needs:

Massage Therapy

Sessions can focus on receiving  therapeutic and/or relaxation massage.  Initial treatments include a short consultation to review your health history, determine your goals for treatment and perform relevant assessment (if necessary).  Treatments will be as individualized as you are and employ swedish massage techniques as well as other modalities appropriate in addressing your needs for the day.

Pre- and post-natal massage

Treatment and positioning are focused on the physiological changes that occur to a woman’s body as she journeys through pregnancy and beyond the birth; fatigue, low back pain, hip discomfort, pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome, and repetitive strain in the thumbs are a few of the symptoms that can be alleviated or managed leading up to birth and into caring for baby.

Breast Massage

When indicated and with expressed consent, this massage session targets specific breast issues experienced by women in all walks of life. Outcomes of the treatment, draping of the body and the unique techniques used are all discussed prior to the actual massage to ensure you feel safe and comfortable with the overall direction of the session.

Indications for breast massage include: breast congestion, sore or painful breasts, large breasted women suffering neck and back pain, women recovering from lumpectomies or mastectomies who may experience lymphedema, scar tissue adhesions or loss of range of motion around the shoulder girdle.

Craniosacral Therapy

A subtle and gentle therapy that works with the bodies nervous system and myofascial system to bring relief from pain, chronic tension and old patterns of use. Clients remain fully clothed during this treatment.

‘Safe Touch’ Treatments

“Safe touch” is a series of treatments designed to work with people who have negative associations towards being touched or have poor body awareness. The primary intention focuses on safety, trust, boundaries and consent in order to empower clients in their own body awareness and sensation. The massage component is mindfully negotiated between therapist and client to build on empowerment while receiving touch in a safe environment.

An initial half hour consultation is mandatory before sessions may begin in order to assess appropriateness of this treatment for each individual person.

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