Erin Supports

Within my work, I am in a privileged position to come across people whose passion to elevate their communities and the lives of others play a significant role in their own lives. Giving back to the community and helping to support organizations that hold significance for both myself or for my clients while also promoting the benefits of massage therapy is a contribution I am always willing to make.

Below are organizations that I support, or have supported in the past, as a way to help in fundraising efforts towards each one’s worthwhile cause.

Harmony House

Harmony House – a second stage shelter for abused women and their children

Manor Park School

Manor Park Public School – supports the School Association in their efforts to provide supplies and equipment to classrooms and extra-curricular activities

Voices for Mental Health

Voices – a benefit concert that shares music and stories about mental health and the need to speak out

Nepali Gala

The money raised at the Nepali Gala goes directly to The Women’s Foundation of Nepal ; a shelter in Kathmandu, Nepal for abused and abandoned women and their children.




Friends of Tibet

Kickass Canadians

Kickass Canadians – a fundraiser for CARE


Tibetan Resettlement Project

Tibetan Resettlement Project Ottawa – Between 2013 and 2016, providing jobs, housing, clothing, furnishings, food and friendship for 90 displaced Tibetans immigrating from rural northeastern India.

Noggins Unlimited