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That’s right! A giveaway wrapped up in a competition. I will give the deserving winner a one-hour massage therapy treatment, but you have to work a little bit for it.

First, you have to read my following article on whether Massage Therapy is indulgent so you understand the underlying theme. Then, read on to find out how to enter the competition.

Is Massage Indulgent? A Shift In Perspective

I have strongly held the belief that in my work, massage is not a luxury, nor is it an indulgence. I have always countered that I do therapeutic massage where there is certainly an element of relaxation but often at the expense of some focused breathing and “discomfort” to get there! Recently though, I had a bit of an epiphany that challenged this belief and I wanted to indulge you in my thoughts.

I took myself away for a mini solo-getaway just a couple of weeks ago. Me, Myself and I took ourselves out for coffee, stayed at a lovely B&B, went for dinner and enjoyed a hike the following day in Gatineau Park. This is the second time I have done this at the beginning of the year and my intention is to allow some time to reflect on the year gone by and to look forward to the upcoming year and what I would like to accomplish. I was doing this by working on some questions sent to me by my life coach, Tatiana Ishwari Nemchin of Vibrant Be-ing Coaching (you can check out her bio at, her yoga studio in Gatineau or email her at It’s not easy work to focus on ourselves but I was determined to make the best of my time and really put some thought into her mindful, creative and purposeful inquiries into my own self and life. Then this came up, “What major indulgence are you going to experience this year? Why?”.

Whoa. I was at a loss. I sat there perplexed; and in trying to come up with my own indulgent activity, I was struck by how difficult it was to think about what I would do for me. ME! I considered my own beliefs on what it meant to indulge and what was stopping me from easily finding an answer. First I came up with my own definition; an indulgence being something we deserve but don’t want to admit to because is serves ourselves, not anyone else, and this can be seen as selfish or extravagant. Then I pondered what was making me hesitate; what others might think, financial constraints, guilt over doing something for myself or even finding the time to make it happen. Then, my a-ha moment…

It was in that moment that I made a connection to my clients (present and potential) and how for some, massage IS an indulgence! Time constraints, financial pressures, perceived perceptions about massage and the big one, our difficulty in taking care of ourselves without feeling guilty or selfish, all shape our beliefs in what one could consider as being indulgent. So with all of these forces working against an individual, I realized that going for a massage absolutely could be indulgent. It’s hard to make time for ourselves, to gift ourselves, to put ourselves first with all these obstacles in the way!

With this in mind, I was also reminded of the homepage of my website ( where I state, “You deserve a moment in time, away from the pressures of the day, where you become the priority, and a state of peace can be achieved”. I may treat everything from kinked necks to aching low backs but the essential piece is that you have taken some time to care for yourself and indulgent or not, I’m okay with all of it. I respect the fact that sometimes just being able to make that appointment and to walk in the door has not been an easy decision, and that it is not about treating “a condition”. It’s the mere fact that you were able to make the time and commitment to your own well being that makes it important. And it’s my job to ensure you feel lavished with intelligent, compassionate and caring touch to ease your pressures and indulge your sense of self – both mind and body.

Who said beliefs can’t change when we are challenged to look at it from a different perspective?

Do you know someone who might deserve a massage?  Who would YOU like to indulge?  A friend? Your mother or father?  Your wife or husband?  Yourself?  And YES, it’s okay to ask for this for yourself!  Just tell me why you think the person you are submitting deserves to be indulged.  I will read the entries and choose one winner.  You can submit entries to erin@erinwhyte-rmt.comuntil February 25, 2014.  I will contact the winner by March 4, 2014. 



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