RMT of the Year Award

On May 4, 2013 I was awarded with the RMT of the Year Award in Rememberance of Ken Resnyak. This award recognizes an individuals efforts and contributions made toward the Association and therefore the massage therapy profession as a whole. I was very honoured to be recognized among my peers for my time and effort put in to help new graduates and seasoned therapists alike in the pursuit of professionalism and prosperity.

Over the past 3 years I have volunteered as the Board of Director ‘s for the Registered Massage Therapy Association (RMTAO). This is my own professional association that works to advance the professional of massage therapy and to be a strong and united voice for it’s members. The Board works by creating policy, position statements and best practice guidelines to help its members conduct their businesses to the highest standards. Many projects are undertaken by committees of the Board and I was most notably keen to be involved in something that would help our new graduates navigate the world of business with knowledge and confidence as they started their practices. As part of the Financial Viability Working Group, I was able to be a contributor to the “Contract Guide- An RMT’s Guide to Informed Decision Making” and see it’s publication to our members this spring. Negotiating contracts in our profession can be intimidating and to have a resource that helps new grads set themselves up for success was a success I was happy to be a part of!