From my yours.

I started my training as a massage therapist at Algonquin College, attracted to a rewarding profession that offers relief to others through the use of my hands.

In the month prior to starting this new journey, I lost a dear friend at the hands of a violent husband. This ignited my passion to help people, women in particular, who have experienced abuse or any form of touch that hurts the mind, body, or soul.  I was fortunate to then be mentored by my professor who nurtured my passion for safe touch and guided me in how to work with vulnerable clients.  I learned the importance of communication and how clients often convey information to a therapist without words.

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Sixteen years later, with thousands of hours of hands-on therapy, in-class theory, and professional collaboration I continue to work with and learn from vulnerable populations, trauma survivors, allied health practitioners, and the mental health community.  I have had the opportunity to be a presenter at The Women's College Hospital Trauma Talks conference in Toronto and to be a guest for The Institute on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care podcast Trauma Talks in Buffalo (same name, two different initiatives!).

Today, my Safe Hands treatments work to help people experience safe touch: where massage is the catalyst for transforming an individual's relationship with physical contact from one of fear or pain to comfort, safety, and relief.  I continue to advocate for massage as a means to help those who have experienced trauma or abuse to find or rediscover peace and solace in their bodies. Touch is, and will always be, an integral part of the human experience, and it can be part of yours.

There is something deeply moving and fulfilling about being able to take away a person's pain or to offer them solace in a time of stress or struggle that only touch can provide.
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The Values That Guide Us

Inclusive & Empowering

Every client is treated with compassion, understanding, and patience

Lasting Impact

I create a safe, welcoming space in which you can feel at ease

Ongoing Improvement

You will be honoured and respected wherever you are in your healing journey